About me

I have a knack for grasping the technical stuff so that I can better inform the decision-making process at the sales and executive level. I understand what it takes to run a business while cultivating a healthy workforce and creating satisfied clients. 

I earned an MA in Tech Ethics & Policy from Duke University and a BA in New Media Studies from the University at Buffalo. I co-founded one of Western New York’s leading web development companies, 360PSG. As partner and Creative Director there, I developed business and marketing strategy; regularly managed numerous concurrent projects; developed brand and search engine marketing (SEM); and consulted over 500 clients on graphic design and web solutions.

Later, I joined the leadership team at the Duke Initiative for Science & Society as Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications. With a small team, I coordinate all aspects of their marketing and outreach programs, manage multi-team projects, produce video and other rich media, and facilitate IT-related needs. 

Ben Shepard