In Interactive View of The Future Of Self-Driving Cars at Moogfest

Two pedestrians crossing Research Dr. on Duke University Campus as a self-driving car approaches.

Since 2004, Moogfest has brought together artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and researchers in an effort to grow a global community of futurists with eyes on changing the world. Amidst the electronic music permeating the event, are workshops on protests and how to effectively intervene in public spaces; hacks, how-to’s, and maker sessions; and Pub Talks that explore some of the science driving innovation.

Pub talks are an opportunity for researchers and scientists to leave their campus labs or offices and share their cutting-edge research with the public. These talks are accompanied by discussions where the audience can explore the science and the myriad social, ethical, and political implications involved. The events bring science to life in a way that news and journal articles can’t. Duke University takes pride in fostering this two-way flow of information and considers it integral to the development and dissemination of good science and sound policy.

During one Pub Talk, Dr. Michael Clamann, Duke Robotics senior researcher and SciPol’s Robotics & AI lead editor, gave an interactive presentation on autonomous cars before opening the floor to attendees to voice their concerns over this burgeoning technology.

“The tech-savvy crowd asked insightful questions about morality, income inequality, technology and environmental issues,” says Dr. Clamann. “It was great to see so many people at Moogfest interested in this topic.”

The conversation included a summary of some of the technological, social and political obstacles that will need to be overcome before self-driving vehicles arrive at your local dealership.

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